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How to Create Thoughts and Feelings That Serve You (76)

This riff explores the power of thoughts on feelings and how asking better questions yields better thoughts.

Live Coaching: Why Your Values Matter and How to Find Them (75)

This in-depth episode explores personal values through conversation and live coaching with Michael Doyle.

Creating an Unbroken Chain of Gratitude with Kate Dixon (74)

Kate Dixon and John explore Kate’s discovery of gratitude journaling, all the benefits it has provided, and the impact it’s had on John.

Exploring the Ego with Michael Doyle (73)

This conversation with Michael Doyle (former colleague at Red Hat) explores what we found in Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday and reflect it back on ourselves.

Stranger-Talking Across America with Carolyn Campbell (72)

Carolyn Campbell explains the fascinating journey she’s on to understand rural America by listening to the people she’s sent to by others. I met Carolyn as my first coach several years ago.

Latest Learnings & Challenges (71)

Here are a few things I’ve learned in the past few months.

Walking in Dead Man’s Forest with Michael Marvosh (70)

This deep conversation with Michael Marvosh explores meaning and life lessons with prompts from nature and our own life experiences.

Do You Have a Time or Mission Problem? (69)

Here’s a short riff on a section from Time Warrior by Steve Chandler about alleged “time management” problems.

Getting to Know Vinod Jain (68)

Vinod Jain works as a technology and management consultant in Northern Virginia. In this conversation we explore how get got to where he is today and the personal journey he is on.

October 2018 Changes, Beginnings, Endings and More (67)

Here’s what happened and what I learned in October 2018, a couple of which were the culmination of how the year started.

Plugging Leaks to Focus and Execute (66)

It’s easy to get off track and lose focus. Here are some of the ways I have been attempting to sharpen my focus and execution.

Leading From Within with Stephani Roy McCallum (65)

Stephani Roy McCallum is a leader who helps people have difficult conversations. In this conversation she navigates a deeper of understanding of what leadership really is and how to be an effective leader.

September 2018 Learnings (64)

Here’s a recap of the things that happened in September 2018 and what I learned from them.

Changing Teams From the Inside with Alexis Monville (63)

Alexis Monville from the Red Hat Engineering Leadership team joins me to talk about his experiences leading, developing and changing teams. He’s also the author of a new book: Changing Your Team From The Inside.

Summer 2018 Learnings (62)

Summer 2018 was a busy time with lots of trips, continuous learning and new ways to grow.

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