On his birthday this year, Rick Tamlyn committed to a whole year of not making any decisions from a place of fear. That reminded me of other things he taught me and the power of making choices.

Decision Time? 3 Options to Consider by Rick Tamlyn sparked my thoughts for this episode.


  • Making decisions from love and compassion
  • The power of simply choosing
  • What if there’s no “wrong” choice?
  • There is no such thing as “hell maybe!”
  • How is fear of the outcome playing into your decision making process?
  • 5 x “And then what…”
  • Choosing is a way out of being stuck even if you don’t know the outcome
  • Taking things less seriously
  • What am you really desiring?
  • Gary Mahler: “I only do what I want. And I don’t do what I don’t want to do even if it will get me what I want.”
  • “Should” is a horrible motivator
  • Choosing as a way of creating the experience you want to have
  • In your response are your “creating” or “reacting?”
  • What are you creating around you based on what you are choosing?


All songs licensed under Creative Commons