Yann Toutant and I explore what it means to work remotely in a time of Covid-19 and what we are taking from it.

Conversation Highlights

  • Yann Toutant joins me again–our previous conversations are
  • Grappling with compassion
  • The consequences of being forced to work remote without notice
    • It’s difficult if you haven’t done it before
    • It’s even more difficult to start without warning
  • Yann does not see the present version of people working from home (during Covid-19) as the remote work he advocates
    • He believes home is the worst place to work from
    • It’s extremely challenging and should not be confused with regular remote work
    • Additional levels of stress and complexity
  • A review of Yann’s process by which people and companies can go remote
  • Getting rid of the energy that has accumulated at the end of the day
  • Who we are being–explored more in conversation with Alexis Monville and the book The Anatomy of Peace
    • Where are we coming from?
    • A place of War or Peace
  • Who do I want to be as I go through this unique time?
    • It’s here and it’s not going away
    • Where do you want to invest your energy?
    • A great time to be more focused on the being instead of the doing
  • “Who is the person I want to BE today?” instead of “What do I want to DO today?”
  • Using this time to practice being with discomfort
  • If confinement (quarantine) ended tomorrow, what would you do?
    • Would you go back to the same things?
    • What would you like to be different?
    • How will you prepare?
  • Not wanting to leave the boat after Yann’s four weeks confinement crossing the Atlantic
    • New smells
    • Fear
    • Having become comfortable with his internal journey and needing to venture outside again
  • An important reminder and acknowledgment from Yann about the context from which he and John are having this conversation
  • Are we suffering based on what we fear could happen in the future or what is actually happening in the present?
  • “The future is the present, under construction”
  • Possessions vs. experience
  • The increased societal cost of physical distancing
  • Consciously choosing
  • Welcome home to yourself–take advantage of this opportunity (if it fits your situation)
  • The value of doing our own work AND the value and benefit of working with a coach (not trying to do it all on your own)
    • Yann has two coaches
  • The power of silence
    • Clown Syndrome
    • Filling or not filling the space
    • Silence helps the other person speak from their heart instead of their head–tapping into the unconscious

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