Yann Toutant returns to share more deeply from his life and what’s next having stepped down as CEO of his previous company. We talk about intrapreneurship, when to break the rules, sailing and more.


Conversation Highlights

  • I first met Yann Toutant in a previous conversation about remote work and the power of heart decisions
  • Noticing what gives us energy and doesn’t as sign-posts for what we should be doing
  • Sometimes you don’t realize the full extent of your contributions until you leave
  • Giving up control frees up space for creativity
  • Smooth transitions are not all that they appear to be
  •  Intrapreneur vs Entrepreneur
    • Acting as an entrepreneur inside the context of an existing organization
    • What decisions would I make and how would I spend money if this was my own company?
    • Someone else with the organization will finish the job or fix a particular problem
    • “My responsibilities are limited” vs. “I have unlimited responsibility”
  • Breaking the rules to innovate or move things forward
  • Going for good instead of perfect
  • Making decisions in a vacuum
  • Offense vs. defense
  • Creating vs. reacting
  • Looking at every step as more information instead of success or failure
  • How nature and being offline influences decisions and perspectives
  • Observing nature as a circular process of death and renewal
  • The Haka ceremonial dance
  • Leaving nothing on the field and playing full out
  • More about Yann’s  previous sailing adventure across the Atlantic
  • What Yann is looking forward to in 2020
    • Freedom
    • Making an impact
    • Building towards his five year goal of financial independence

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