Brad Solomon and I continue our reflections and riffs about what’s present to us. This time it’s about being present, journaling, and the power (and difficulty) of getting clear about what you want.



Conversation Highlights

  • My longest answer ever to “how are you doing?”
  • Showing up as the best version of whatever is present
  • My break from the news through Future Self Journaling
  • Brad’s reflection that therapy focuses on the past and coaching focuses on the future–what modality do we have that focuses on the present?
  • Neither of us is missing our break from Twitter and the way it brings us down
  • Learning from animals–how clean their requests are and how easily they let things go
  • “What do you desire?”
    • Often a more powerful self-inquiry than “What do you want?” or “What do you need?”
  • “Reported on world” vs. a “created world”
  • The obligations we find ourselves under often come from our past–woulds, coulds, shoulds, need to, etc.
  • When you are doing something you love you don’t have to push yourself forward
  • What story are you telling yourself?
  • What story do you want to be in?
  • Humans seem to be the only animal that puts barriers in the way of what they want
  • Daily writing exercise about what you want
  • What’s really going on “inside here” instead of “what’s going on outside there?”
  • You can’t figure out what you want if you aren’t completely honest with yourself
  • Write down what you want
    • For extra power and clarity read it out loud

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