Picture of John Poelstra of johnpoelstra.comI believe we are each the sole owner of our lives.

Are you a true “owner” or an “employee” of your life?

Owners lead their lives, employees manage their lives.

Ownership Defined

It means you:

  • Are the only person who is completely responsible for your life
  • Are done with all the excuses
  • Believe the best pathway to success comes from fully owning your choices and outcomes
  • Say goodbye to “good enough” and search for “everything that is possible”
  • Stop saying things like “I don’t have enough time” or “I don’t have enough money”
  • Want to actively author your life instead of responding to it
  • Want more meaning in your life and are committed to finding it
  • Realize you can’t figure it all out on your own

Do You Want to Lead Your Life or Cope With It?

All too often it’s easy to play small and think there’s nothing better. This mindset encourages us to find creative ways to cope and tolerate our circumstances instead of actively looking for ways to find all that is possible (and beyond) in them.

Here’s the simple truth. If you’re committed to the idea that nothing better is possible, you’ll probably get more of that.

I believe there’s a better way, one where you lead and act as the driver of your life instead of being its passenger.

Perspective and Possibility Requires Another Person

As an adult it’s natural to think you should have all the tools you need and be able to figure it out yourself.  I thought these things too:

  • I read all the productivity blogs and listened to all the podcasts
  • I tried to implement different systems to “get things done” and you did, but they didn’t stick
  • I determined that “this year, this month, this week is going to be DIFFERENT!” and yet it wasn’t
  • I tried to try harder, but that didn’t work either

Enter Someone Who Can help

A few years ago my world was blown wide open by an experienced coach who helped me to see that so much more was possible from my life. I was surrounded by possibilities hiding in plain sight and all I had to do was pursue them or ask for what I wanted (once I figured out what that was). This inspired me on my path to help others do the same thing. As a professionally trained and certified coach I’ve helped people make big changes and I’d love to help you too.

My work with people is a unique form of coaching, consulting and mentoring, rooted in my training, professional and life experiences.

Try Me

Let’s meet and have a conversation.

All you need is something in your life you’d like to change. We’ll get clarity on your situation, figure out solutions that are best for you and help you take immediate action.

Eventually we might decide we’d like to work together, but only if it’s a YES for both of us.  You might be a YES for me if you are:

  • Tired of “tips and tricks” that don’t work
  • Done believing things just happen to you
  • Ready to completely own your life
  • Serious about what you want and yet not too serious that you can’t laugh at yourself
  • Open to what you don’t know might be possible instead of clear about everything that isn’t
  • Desiring to actively author your life instead of react to it
  • Determined to find more meaning in your life and committed to finding it
  • Fun, likeable and inspiring

Send me an email to the address below and let’s get started!

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