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97: CHOOSING in an “I Don’t Know” World

Brad Solomon and I explore the power of choosing, experiments, discipline, habits and what we are making of the time that is COVID-19.

96: The Power of a Heart at Peace

Alexis Monville and I discuss The Anatomy of Peace, a pivotal book in my own personal transformation and path to discarding judgement.

95: Journaling to Save the Day

Here’s how I salvaged a day that might have turned out very differently though the simple act of writing down what was going on in my head.

94: Choosing Outside of Fear

On his birthday this year, Rick Tamlyn committed to a whole year of not making any decisions from a place of fear. That reminded me of other things he taught me and the power of making choices.

93: Giving Feedback and Taking Responsibility

Alexis Monville and I reflect on a time I gave feedback that was not well received and what we both learned from it. Hopefully you’ll learn something too.

92: Understanding and Using Archetypes

Meg Buzzi, Tina Robinson and I explore archetypes and their usefulness on Massively Useful Thing.

91: Not the Remote Work Yann Toutant Envisioned

Yann Toutant and I explore what it means to work remotely in a time of Covid-19 and what we are taking from it.

90: Being an Intrapreneur with Yann Toutant

Yann Toutant returns to share more deeply from his life and what’s next having stepped down as CEO of his previous company. We talk about intrapreneurship, when to break the rules, sailing and more.

89: More Being and Less Reading

More on what I’m learning and how I am being as a result of consuming fewer books and less information.

88: Owning Your Clarity

Anthony Ongaro interviews me about finding clarity, making lasting changes and how I got into this thing called coaching. It’s a rebroadcast from his video podcast in 2019.

87: Getting a Coaching Session Back on Track

Here are some ways to get back on track when your coaching session has lost its way.

86: Twenty Six Day Road Trip

Here’s what happened and what I learned from our cross-country road trip in August of 2019

85: My Book Reading Fast

This episode explores the new approach to reading books I adopted in July of 2019. Since then I have completed less than five books, a time period during which I would have probably completed twice as many.

84: Why I’m Not Planning 2020

Sometimes the end of one year and the start of a new one is a good time to take stock of things. For 2020 I’m not feeling the need.

83: Slowing Down, Saying No and Taking Full Responsibility

Here’s what I’ve been up to from August to November 2019 and what I’m learning.

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