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Getting a Coaching Session Back on Track (87)

Here are some ways to get back on track when your coaching session has lost its way.

Twenty Six Day Road Trip (86)

Here’s what happened and what I learned from our cross-country road trip in August of 2019

My Book Reading Fast (85)

This episode explores the new approach to reading books I adopted in July of 2019. Since then I have completed less than five books, a time period during which I would have probably completed twice as many.

Why I’m Not Planning 2020 (84)

Sometimes the end of one year and the start of a new one is a good time to take stock of things. For 2020 I’m not feeling the need.

Slowing Down, Saying No and Taking Full Responsibility (83)

Here’s what I’ve been up to from August to November 2019 and what I’m learning.

How I Came to Coaching and How it Works (82)

Vinod Jain leads this conversation where I share the path that led me to coaching, what I believe about certain things, and how coaching works.

Five Days of My Own (Un)Productivity (81)

I don’t have a typical work week. However, here’s one I chronicled and reflected on with Mike Vardy as an experiment for his podcast.

Working Remote on Purpose with Yann Toutant (80)

Yann Toutant believes companies can be more innovative by creating and working as remote teams. Our conversation explores Yann’s journey and what he’s learning.

Preparing For Your Next Job Interview (79)

Here are some different ways to prepare and think about your next job interview–as the interviewer or the interviewee.

Building and Leading Effective Remote Teams (78)

Alexis Monville, Michael Doyle and I talk about working effectively with remote teams when meeting in person is not possible– a topic that came up as we collaborated on version two of Alexis’ book Changing Your Team From the Inside.

Second Chances (77)

This episode explores the book A Second Chance by Catherine Hoke, my interest in law enforcement and the complexities of incarceration.

How to Create Thoughts and Feelings That Serve You (76)

This riff explores the power of thoughts on feelings and how asking better questions yields better thoughts.

Live Coaching: Why Your Values Matter and How to Find Them (75)

This in-depth episode explores personal values through conversation and live coaching with Michael Doyle.

Creating an Unbroken Chain of Gratitude with Kate Dixon (74)

Kate Dixon and John explore Kate’s discovery of gratitude journaling, all the benefits it has provided, and the impact it’s had on John.

Exploring the Ego with Michael Doyle (73)

This conversation with Michael Doyle (former colleague at Red Hat) explores what we found in Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday and reflect it back on ourselves.

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