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120: Slowing Down Isn’t Stopping

Sometimes we’re afraid to slow down because we’re afraid we’ll fail. What if the opposite is true?

119: Here’s What I Know and Believe

Have you ever learned something you already knew? That happened recently with what’s written on my About page.

118: How I Get Organized When I’m Overwhelmed

The other day I was overwhelmed with all the things I needed to. This is how I got organized and less overwhelmed.

117: Plugging Time Leaks to Honor Commitments

You might find it easier to honor your commitments by eliminating the things that waste your time and energy. Here’s how to do it.

116: Commitment Not Motivation

When I’m looking to move something forward I’ve found better results by getting clear about what I’m committed to rather than searching for motivation.

115: Restarting Just Like You

Here’s how I got back up again after getting off track. I hope it helps you do the same.

114: Unsubscribing from Judgement

One of the keys to the universe and a better life is our relationship with judgement of self and others. Setting it aside has been one of my biggest paths to freedom.

113: Slowing Down More

Maybe you can relate to my experiences and discoveries here and the revelations I had upon waking one day.

112: Checking in with Captain Seth Vore

Seth Vore joins me in June 2022 to give an update on the plans he shared in December 2021. Everything has come to fruition. Seth no longer lives in his house or has a job, however he does have a new boat his family is preparing to live on for the next year as they travel.

111: No-fly Zone Safari with Lisa DiMatteo

Lisa DiMatteo joins me to revisit our previous conversation while consciously exploring new things we thought might be uncomfortable and weren’t.

110: Boats and FIRE with Seth Vore

Seth Vore shares about his local boat tour company, being debt free, retirement and the year-long adventure his family is looking forward to next year on a boat.

109: Being, Doing and Enoughness with Lisa DiMatteo

Lisa DiMatteo joins me to discuss the dance between “being & doing” and “enoughness” against the backdrop of a three week solitude retreat I experienced in October 2021.

108: Nothing Might Be Something

Wherein I read another section from The High 5 Habit by Mel Robbins and contemplate whether “action” is always the answer.

107: Just Scared

Maybe you aren’t a procrastinator, a perfectionist or broken. Maybe you’re just scared. Moving forward might be as easy as having a conversation instead of staying stuck in your head and trying to do it yourself.

106: Creating Meaning (or Not) with Aaron Graham

Aaron Graham joins me to explore the meaning we give our experiences and how it affects us. We also discuss different ways to interact with our experiences and how to restart when we’ve lost our way.

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