Poelstra Podcast Production

Get Help and Make it Easier

I help owners (of any kind) in the productivity, personal development and human potential space take their podcasting game to the next level.  I can help you:

  • Produce a show
  • Establish and follow industry best practices
  • Help you establish efficient workflows
  • Improve your workflow for coordinating and scheduling guests
  • Learn from my experiences of producing 300+ podcast episodes for clients
  • Stop wasting your time on stupid stuff

John gave me back the joy of engaging with podcasting and that is engaging my guests and listeners by taking all the heavy lifting of producing the podcast off of my hands.”

Stephen Warley — Life Skills That Matter

Easier Than You Think and Harder Than It Looks

Creating a podcast from scratch is a lot of work. Even after you set up the hardware and record and episode–there’s still more work to do.  I have first hand experience in the productivity, personal development and human potential space and understand what’s needed to create consistent, quality content.

I help clients who are producing meaningful content where the opportunity to collaborate and advise is part of our on-going relationship. Clients have on-going direct access to me where we interact and collaborate on a regular basis… some to the extent of enjoying each other’s company as friends.

This is “boutique” podcast production consultancy. It’s just me–I’m not trying to be the low cost provider, make a profit on volume, or increase my margins by outsourcing work to markets with cheap labor. Lots of companies already provide that.

What If You Aren’t Sure Where to Begin?

If you’re new to podcasting and wondering what’s involved, I’ve done a recording explaining the big picture of what’s invovled and how it all works.  Check out How to Create and Publish Your Own Podcast.

After that, let’s get on a call and go deeper with your questions and specific needs.

I Want to Help You with Your Podcast

For a limited number of people, I’ll make your production process easier. I’ll help you:

  • Edit and produce your audio program or podcast by removing audio glitches, background noise and other undesirable inclusions
  • Adjust levels and EQ for consistent, clear sound
  • Enhance the sound quality where possible
  • Apply meta data (id3 tags) and cover art to the mastered program
  • Upload the mastered program in compressed audio format (mp3) to your media host

Get a Free 30 Minute Podcast Consultation

I’ll spend 30 minutes with you to explore ways we can make your getting your podcast produced and out into the world an easier experience so you can spend your time on the things you really want to.

Send me an email (see the bottom of my About page) and let’s get started!


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