Brad Solomon and I explore the power of choosing, experiments, discipline, habits and what we are making of the time that is COVID-19.

This is a rebroadcast of a conversation I had with Brad Solomon, Founder and CEO of the CTG Group in the UK on his podcast called The Lockdown Sessions.

The Lockdown Sessions is a weekly podcast, hosted by Brad that explores reflections on a broad range of topics including self awareness, self management, learning and development issues and personal growth.

To give the current events we mention some context we recorded this at the beginning of June in 2020. We met through a mutual acquaintance at Red Hat around our common interest in coaching and leadership development.

Doing this series with Brad is a lot of fun. We never plan what we are going to talk about. We meet online, push record and whatever wants to unfold does… much like a great coaching conversation. We are both coaches so you’ll see our conversation often gravitate in that direction, however, I believe there are other things you can take from what we share and are learning in our own lives that may be helpful to you.

Conversation Highlights

  • Selecting certain times to make the most of learning and how that’s not always possible
  • Choosing to create a positive outlook through conscious actions
  • Working remote is not a new thing
  • Looking inside before looking outside–the news isn’t a good place to start the day
  • Removing news and social media apps from your phone
  • You can choose to change the sound-track in your head
  • My relationship to discipline and habits
    • Pick and do what is YOU
    • Surfing the waves of what’s going on
    • Ebb and flow
  • Stalled, stuck and drowning because of not choosing
  • COVID–19 has given the entire world the unique experience of globally experiencing the same thing at the same time
  • The cumulative affect of spending 10 minutes every day learning something new
  • Choosing to find the 10 minutes
  • An experiment that does not work is not a failure–it’s learning
  • The fear of starting something that we might want to stop so we don’t start
  • Being on the lookout for judgement


All songs licensed under Creative Commons