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Where is Your Life is Going?

I watched this last night while doing the dishes. Only a few dishes got done as my wife and I stopped to listen. It’s a great presentation that made me want to live a better life. I was disturbed by… Continue Reading →

Introducing People as They Are

I liked the post A Better Way to Introduce Your Friends at Parties over at Storyline and this quote, Let’s stop introducing the people we love based solely on what they do, who they cash their checks from, or what’s… Continue Reading →

A Blog Post a Day

November is National Novel Writing Month. I love the idea of this project and some year I will dive in and take the challenge and do it.  I first heard about National Writing Month at WordCamp PDX in 2012 in… Continue Reading →

Waiting is No

More from Die Empty by Todd Henry (page 95), Waiting in some form is inevitable, but it can also become a habit, a form of abdication. An excuse. It’s easier to blame someone else for our failure to act than… Continue Reading →

Help Me Decide if Facebook is For Me

I recently signed up for an online course that came with a private Facebook group. I was not thrilled about it being on Facebook, but given that I wanted to get the most out of the class begrudgingly created an… Continue Reading →

It’s Up to You

I just started reading Die Empty by Todd Henry. Here’s a quote from early in the book that ties in with a lot of other things I’ve been working on and thinking about. From page 9: Waiting for permission to… Continue Reading →

I Don’t Want to Care What You Do

I’m not sure where I heard about Everything That Remains: A memoir by the minimalists by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.  I don’t even recall requesting it at the library, but one day they told me my request had… Continue Reading →

Deadline to Change

Just listened to a great podcast by Brendon Buchard titled Why to Quit.  It’s about way more than quitting. It’s about making positive changes in our lives and being intentional about making them. I’ve followed Brendon’s work for a while,… Continue Reading →

Untangling Christianity Hits a Milestone

A year ago I would have never predicted we’d have reached episode #50 already. It was about this time last year that I was getting really clear on the idea that I needed to do a podcast. Now the Untangling… Continue Reading →

Good Meetings Make You Feel Good

Last time I defined several ways to have bad meetings. This post was going to explore one of those “bad ways to have meeting” in detail. Then I realized it would be better to start by defining what a “good… Continue Reading →

13 Ways to Have a Bad Meeting

I’m thinking about writing a book about technical project meetings at software companies and ways I’ve found to make them better. To see if I have enough to work with I’m going to kick off a series of blog posts… Continue Reading →

YAYOG Builds Muscle and Confidence

One of the things I love about You Are Your Own Gym (YAYOG) is that it doesn’t throw you in the deep end.  Yes, some of the initial work outs are hard and it maybe difficult to complete all of… Continue Reading →

One Foot In Front of the Other

Some days it’s the best and the only thing you can do. That’s okay. Just make sure you show up tomorrow too.

Regarding Nothing

Seeing “regards” as the close to an email or letter bugs me.  Iit doesn’t make any sense and we wouldn’t say it in regular conversation as some kind of good bye. Some of my other despised favorites: “kind regards” or “warm… Continue Reading →

Just Show Up

A project I’ve been following since Tiny Startup Camp is They have a podcast I highly recommend and just the other day I saw this good post about “showing up.” It’s made all the difference in my work out program… Continue Reading →

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