Here are some different ways to prepare and think about your next job interview–as the interviewer or the interviewee.



  • Block out time to do deep preparation
  • Get clear about the unique strengths and combinations you bring
  • Having prepared stories or example that demonstrate your accomplishments and skills
  • Get clear on your core values
    • Determine how your values would be honored in the new job
    • Be them in the interview
  • Are you running to something or running away from something else?
  • Figuring out the “must haves” for you
  • What will the red flags be for you?
  • The job interview process is a two-way street
  • Put your best foot forward if you have a video interview
  • Consider what you need to do to get into the best mental state
    • Go for a walk
    • Meditate
    • Put some buffers in your schedule
    • Select times of the day when you bring your best energy
    • Get a good night of sleep
  • Remember the interview is looking to hire the awesomeness you bring, not the collective output of your previous team
  • Get your self-awareness dialed in
    • “Everyone likes working with me except when I _______________.”
    • “As a ______________, people experience me as __________________.”
    • Tim Ferriss interview with Stanley McChrystal
  • In the stories you share about your experience, try to demonstrate
    • How deep you go
    • What you accomplished
    • How you got there
    • Your thought process
  • Avoid getting lost in your own story
  • Have questions for the interviewer
    • Use to determine if you are a fit
    • Gather information on what they are looking for in the role
    • Always have questions even if you ask the same questions to multiple people

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