Yann Toutant believes companies can be more innovative by creating and working as remote teams. Our conversation explores Yann’s journey and what he’s learning.


  • Yann Youtant is the CEO of Econocom
  • The main drive for a remote team is innovation
  • Working remote helps you turn the cruise control of your life off
  • Four steps of the remote ladder
    • Be remote in your own office–don’t work from the same desk every day
      • Forces you to digitize everything (no paper)
      • Changes perspectives, neighbors, etc.
    • Be remote within your ecosystem
      • Suppliers, customers business partners
      • Work from their offices
      • Embrace the unique energy of different offices and cultures
    • Work from a co-working space
      • Meet other entreprenuers
      • Take advantage of community vibe
      • Intentionally not at home where you are isolated
    • When traveling for holidays stay one or more weeks longer
      • Find local partners or co-working space
  • Remote does not mean “no structure”
  • Maximum solo focus in a day is two hours
    • Spend the rest of the day collaborating with others
  • Creating silent spaces
  • Managers tend to find remote work more challenging than individual contributors
    • Worrying that their people aren’t working because they cannot see them
    • Redefining the meaning of trust–losing control
    • Providing a safe place to make mistakes
  • Losing control can lead to new discoveries
  • Yann’s Atlantic crossing in a sailboat and the unique way he got the approval of his board
    • Talking to the heart and not the head
    • Setting aside what people will think
  • Living and thinking more from our hearts
  • The challenges and joys of being a CEO
  • The unexpected benefits of remote work
  • Why do we have grass in your yards?

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