Vinod Jain leads this conversation where I share the path that led me to coaching, what I believe about certain things, and how coaching works.

Conversation Highlights

  • More about Vinod Jain (Episode #68)
  • A typical day for John
  • Money Coaching at Capital One
  • Early influences and career path
  • Getting clear on personal beliefs and ultimately personal ownership
  • Early career dissatisfaction and overseas travel
  • Seeing a theme of meaning and seeking more of it through coaching
  • Ending unnecessary suffering
  • The importance of reading
  • Getting into podcasting
  • Untangling Christianity podcast
  • 100 podcasts/blog posts idea
  • The path of following different interests
  • The power of genuine curiosity and deep listening
  • Leading From Within with Stephani Roy McCallum (Episode #65)
  • John’s first coach Carolyn Campbell (Episode #72)
  • Personal insights that come from speaking out loud
  • Coaching the person instead of the problem
  • Resonance as an indicator
  • Holding a perspective that other people are creative, resourceful and whole and what that brings
  • What’s the formula to good coaching?
  • Making money vs. serving
  • Letting go of attachment to outcome
  • Does everyone need a coach?
  • Can you coach yourself?
  • Setting the coaching agenda


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