Michael Doyle is back (Ego is the Enemy episode) to interview John on the importance of values. John also leads Michael through a process of deeper values exploration and clarification in a live coaching session.

Values Discussion Highlights

  • Our values
    • Clarify decision making
    • Aid life satisfaction
    • Act as an internal GPS
  • Each person has different values
    • They are not “right” or “wrong”
    • People sharing the same values usually prioritize them differently
    • Misalignment of values causes conflict
  • Values are core to who we are and rarely change dramatically over our lifetime
  • Sometimes our ego gets in the way
  • Things that anger or frustrate you are often
    • The opposites of what you really you value
    • Un-honored values
  • Different approaches to finding values
  • Clarifying and refining our values can be a lifelong process
    • Don’t be frustrated if you can’t do it overnight
    • Coaching and working with another person speeds things up
  • John coaches Michael through the process of discovering and clarifying his own values

Want Help Discovering Your Own Values?

Reach out to me and I”ll lead you through the same process. See the bottom of this page to reach me.

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