Alexis Monville, Michael Doyle and I talk about working effectively with remote teams when meeting in person isn’t possible. This topic came up as we collaborated on version two of Alexis’ book Changing Your Team From the Inside.


  • Taking individual initiative
  • How to build remote teams when you cannot meet in person
  • As individuals we can do something
  • Choosing (or not) to work together
  • Learning about others to learn about yourself
  • Using prompts to break the ice and get to know each other
  • Ways to intentionally form remote teams
  • Daily investments
  • Pairing people up and then creating larger feedback loop with the team
  • Thinking of the remote experience first (as opposed to the collocated team)
  • Good audio and video make a difference
  • A good meeting facilitator aides in making sure everyone has a voice
  • Level the playing field by having everyone at the meeting in a unique physical location
  • Your own mindset is an important place to start
  • The importance of celebrations and appreciation
  • Forming culture and traditions
  • Coffee and water cooler time
  • The affects of AI (artificial intelligence) on remote teams
  • Having a mission and vision–raison d’etre
  • Picking tools to manage and capture common goals

Changing Your Team From the Inside

book cover picture of Changing Your Team From the Inside by Alexis Monville

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