I couldn’t be prouder of today’s OpenShift (PAAS–Platform as a Service) cloud announcement by Red Hat. It’s not often that you get to be project manager on a release this big or exciting. It was a massive team effort involving many smart and driven people at Red Hat and it was inspiring to work along side them.

If you’re looking for a free place to host your unmodified PHP, Ruby, or Python application, look no further than OpenShift Express.  See the OpenShift site for for more information about Express and the other offerings.

This is the culmination of one of the roles I assumed after transitioning from Fedora in November 2010.  Another project I took on will also soon release in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1. It is an elegant, comprehensive certificate based system for managing your Red Hat subscriptions that goes beyond the existing Red Hat Network. This project was also particularly interesting and challenging since it involved a number of groups inside Red Hat I haven’t worked with before.

Speaking of Fedora, I hear they are on track for shipping Fedora 15 on May 24, 2011! I’ve enjoyed being obliviously unaware of the trials and travails of this release cycle while appreciating the very polished and stable Fedora 15 beta release. I wasn’t too sure I would like GNOME 3 after what I’d heard about the laptop power experience, but I do like it. I most miss the ability to see multiple time zones under the calendar and also find the calendar dim and hard to read at a glance.  For now they are minor inconveniences.