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How To Run Hamster Time Tracker on RHEL 6

I haven’t done time tracking in a while, but was looking to give it another try to reach some of my goals easier.  I’ve seen large benefits in the past from setting small time goals that build to a larger… Continue Reading →

RHEL 6 USB Sound Too Low

Most laptops are getting to the point that you don’t need a USB headset or microphone to make audio calls.  Sometimes it just makes sense to use one. I had a new install of RHEL running on a new Lenovo… Continue Reading →

I Still Don’t Get Gnome 3

A quote from this article on ZDnet made me think of Gnome 3 as it relates to my use of it. The biggest problem with Windows 8 is that it wasn’t born out of a need or demand. I don’t have a need… Continue Reading →

How To Install Windows 8 Beta on a RHEL 6 Virtual Machine

If you want to run the Windows 8 Beta on RHEL 6 you need the `virtio-win` package installed.  You can get it by subscribing to the “Supplementary” RHN channel. Silly me.  I thought I could just download the Windows 8… Continue Reading →

Installing yEd on Fedora or RHEL

My current diagramming program of choice is yEd.  It definitely has it’s quirks, but I haven’t found anything this powerful that is free. I’ve been running it for a long time on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (64 bit) and… Continue Reading →

How to Create Password Protected Zip Archives with 7zip on Linux

Mortgage Madness I refinanced again–once again with no closing costs while sacrificing some on the rate.  Interest rates are again at historic lows which meant I had to take avantage of two great opportunities–lowering my rate by three quarters of a… Continue Reading →

Running the Latest Thunderbird on RHEL 6

Today I ran into a strange problem where messages seemed to be missing from my Inbox. Running “repair folder” from the properties tab automatically moved several messages to the trash. Moving them back to the inbox and repeating the process… Continue Reading →

Resuming Corrupted Suspended Guests

My recent post on fixing terminator was months in the making, partly because I lost the environment I was using to double-check all the steps and partly because other things just kept coming up.  Several months back when I found the original fix… Continue Reading →

Bringing the Cursor Back to Terminator

In my switch from Fedora to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) one of the things I lost was Terminator.  Even though it was in EPEL and installed without issue, the cursor wasn’t visible, making it hard to use.  For a… Continue Reading →

Making Python Bugzilla Work

I’ve been a big fan of python bugzilla for a long time and used it often in Fedora to gather bugs for the release blocker meetings.  If you aren’t familiar with python bugzilla, it is a very useful library and… Continue Reading →

Try Out OpenShift Today

I couldn’t be prouder of today’s OpenShift (PAAS–Platform as a Service) cloud announcement by Red Hat. It’s not often that you get to be project manager on a release this big or exciting. It was a massive team effort involving… Continue Reading →

Running Elluminate Live! on RHEL 6

I’m continuing to run RHEL 6 on my laptop and encountered a recent challenge getting a Java based collaboration tool called Elluminate Live! (now known as Blackboard Collaborate) to run on it.  The necessary package is installed by default in… Continue Reading →


With less time to live on the edge in Fedora-land these days I went looking for less excitement by way of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for my Dell XPS M1330 laptop.  I was motivated to take a step back… Continue Reading →

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