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How to Export journalctl Output on Fedora

For any non-technical readers out there, this is probably a post to skip. Anyone that’s been around Linux for a long time knows that system messages and logs are usually stored in /var/log/messages. Apparently a few versions of Fedora ago,… Continue Reading →

Less Quack More Fly

Some months ago I ran out of patience when someone asked for my advice on an open source project I’d already given lots of advice to. They were trying to help a fledgling project grow it’s “open source wings” behind… Continue Reading →

Effective Teams Don’t Escalate

I was having a telling a new person about an upcoming meeting I had on a difficult problem and they asked me, “Are you going to escalate this?”  I’m sure it was a normal question in the environment they came… Continue Reading →

Printing With a Brother HL 5070 DN on Fedora

If you successfully installed Fedora 19 and navigated the installer, congratulations, a new challenge awaits you in the form of configuring your printer. Using the default tools in Fedora 19 I configured my Brother HL 5070 DN laser printer. It’s… Continue Reading →

How To Run Hamster Time Tracker on RHEL 6

I haven’t done time tracking in a while, but was looking to give it another try to reach some of my goals easier.  I’ve seen large benefits in the past from setting small time goals that build to a larger… Continue Reading →

OpenShift Origin LiveCD Install Requires NetworkManager

If you’re installing the OpenShift Origin LiveCD to a local hard disk, you must have NetworkManager running  before starting the install process. Before you start the install-to-disk routine, make sure you start NetworkManager. $ su -c ‘NetworkManager’ The other day… Continue Reading →

I Still Don’t Get Gnome 3

A quote from this article on ZDnet made me think of Gnome 3 as it relates to my use of it. The biggest problem with Windows 8 is that it wasn’t born out of a need or demand. I don’t have a need… Continue Reading →

How To Install Windows 8 Beta on a RHEL 6 Virtual Machine

If you want to run the Windows 8 Beta on RHEL 6 you need the `virtio-win` package installed.  You can get it by subscribing to the “Supplementary” RHN channel. Silly me.  I thought I could just download the Windows 8… Continue Reading →

Installing yEd on Fedora or RHEL

My current diagramming program of choice is yEd.  It definitely has it’s quirks, but I haven’t found anything this powerful that is free. I’ve been running it for a long time on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (64 bit) and… Continue Reading →

How to Find and Install OpenShift rhc tools on Fedora

The other day I set out to write a post on getting a WordPress instance running on OpenShift.  I got sidelined in the confusion of determining the best place to install rhc tools from. I’m trying to be more deliberate… Continue Reading →

WordPress Browser Cache Clearing

I have no technical backing for this suggestion except that I’ve seen it work on two different operating systems with the Google Chrome web browser. Accessing my self-hosted WordPress blog to add posts and do site maintenance, page loads were taking… Continue Reading →

How to Create Password Protected Zip Archives with 7zip on Linux

Mortgage Madness I refinanced again–once again with no closing costs while sacrificing some on the rate.  Interest rates are again at historic lows which meant I had to take avantage of two great opportunities–lowering my rate by three quarters of a… Continue Reading →

Who Designs Successful Products?

This quote from Mark Sigal’s Ruminations on the legacy of Steve Jobs was interesting, If this seems intuitive, and it should be, consider the modus operandi that preceded it. Before Apple, the hard truth was that the “inmates ran the asylum,” in… Continue Reading →

Running the Latest Thunderbird on RHEL 6

Today I ran into a strange problem where messages seemed to be missing from my Inbox. Running “repair folder” from the properties tab automatically moved several messages to the trash. Moving them back to the inbox and repeating the process… Continue Reading →

Resuming Corrupted Suspended Guests

My recent post on fixing terminator was months in the making, partly because I lost the environment I was using to double-check all the steps and partly because other things just kept coming up.  Several months back when I found the original fix… Continue Reading →

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