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How to Export journalctl Output on Fedora

For any non-technical readers out there, this is probably a post to skip. Anyone that’s been around Linux for a long time knows that system messages and logs are usually stored in /var/log/messages. Apparently a few versions of Fedora ago,… Continue Reading →

Fedora Screencasting

I collected these links at one time and found them useful for creating screencasts on Fedora.  These days I prefer to use Screenflow on Mac OS X which I’ve also found to be an excellent video editor for simple projects…. Continue Reading →

Are Plugins Killing Your Blog?

I learned about a great tool called from a fantastic interview and webinar with Yoast. If you run a WordPress blog and want to get the most out of it you owe it to yourself to watch it and… Continue Reading →

Printing With a Brother HL 5070 DN on Fedora

If you successfully installed Fedora 19 and navigated the installer, congratulations, a new challenge awaits you in the form of configuring your printer. Using the default tools in Fedora 19 I configured my Brother HL 5070 DN laser printer. It’s… Continue Reading →

How To Run Hamster Time Tracker on RHEL 6

I haven’t done time tracking in a while, but was looking to give it another try to reach some of my goals easier.  I’ve seen large benefits in the past from setting small time goals that build to a larger… Continue Reading →

RHEL 6 USB Sound Too Low

Most laptops are getting to the point that you don’t need a USB headset or microphone to make audio calls.  Sometimes it just makes sense to use one. I had a new install of RHEL running on a new Lenovo… Continue Reading →

Are Social Media Buttons Worth It?

One factor determining your Google page rank is site speed.  The speed of your site can be impacted depending on how you integrate buttons Facebook, Google+, and Twitter. I’ve been running a really helpful speed profiling tool (free) at (on… Continue Reading →

Plesk Vulnerability

If your hosting provider runs Plesk, Sucuri has an important article on it.  I don’t know anything about Plesk, but plain text passwords would be my first reason not to use it.

How to Avoid A Compromised WordPress Site

Shared hosting can be great economically, particularly a provider that allows hosting of unlimited domains.  I used to think one of the beauties of shared hosting was also that you could have a bizillion sub-domains and WordPress instances for free…. Continue Reading →

OpenShift Origin LiveCD Install Requires NetworkManager

If you’re installing the OpenShift Origin LiveCD to a local hard disk, you must have NetworkManager running  before starting the install process. Before you start the install-to-disk routine, make sure you start NetworkManager. $ su -c ‘NetworkManager’ The other day… Continue Reading →

Lessons From Github

I listen to a variety of podcasts and currently I’m on a start up kick.  Andrew Warner produces a constant stream of interesting interviews at One such interview was with Tom Preston-Werner, one of the founders of GitHub.  The… Continue Reading →

I Still Don’t Get Gnome 3

A quote from this article on ZDnet made me think of Gnome 3 as it relates to my use of it. The biggest problem with Windows 8 is that it wasn’t born out of a need or demand. I don’t have a need… Continue Reading →

Open Source Everything

One notion of open source software that often surprises people not familiar with it or its culture, particularly in business settings, is to make the source code completely available for free. Open sourcing everything may not be a familiar conversation… Continue Reading →

How To Install Windows 8 Beta on a RHEL 6 Virtual Machine

If you want to run the Windows 8 Beta on RHEL 6 you need the `virtio-win` package installed.  You can get it by subscribing to the “Supplementary” RHN channel. Silly me.  I thought I could just download the Windows 8… Continue Reading →

Installing yEd on Fedora or RHEL

My current diagramming program of choice is yEd.  It definitely has it’s quirks, but I haven’t found anything this powerful that is free. I’ve been running it for a long time on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (64 bit) and… Continue Reading →

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