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RHEL 6 USB Sound Too Low

Most laptops are getting to the point that you don’t need a USB headset or microphone to make audio calls.  Sometimes it just makes sense to use one. I had a new install of RHEL running on a new Lenovo… Continue Reading →

How to Create Password Protected Zip Archives with 7zip on Linux

Mortgage Madness I refinanced again–once again with no closing costs while sacrificing some on the rate.  Interest rates are again at historic lows which meant I had to take avantage of two great opportunities–lowering my rate by three quarters of a… Continue Reading →

Try Out OpenShift Today

I couldn’t be prouder of today’s OpenShift (PAAS–Platform as a Service) cloud announcement by Red Hat. It’s not often that you get to be project manager on a release this big or exciting. It was a massive team effort involving… Continue Reading →

GNOME Power Management Goes Too Far

From Richard Hughes’ blog on February 2, 2011, In GNOME 3.0, we’re defaulting to suspending the computer when the user shuts the lid, and not providing any preferences combobox to change this. This is what the UI designers for GNOME… Continue Reading →

Running Elluminate Live! on RHEL 6

I’m continuing to run RHEL 6 on my laptop and encountered a recent challenge getting a Java based collaboration tool called Elluminate Live! (now known as Blackboard Collaborate) to run on it.  The necessary package is installed by default in… Continue Reading →


With less time to live on the edge in Fedora-land these days I went looking for less excitement by way of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for my Dell XPS M1330 laptop.  I was motivated to take a step back… Continue Reading →

Mind Mapping With VUE

While searching for a solution to a problem with XMind, I came across this forum post mentioning VUE. I haven’t spent very much time with VUE, but it appears to be a very robust and full featured mind mapping tool. … Continue Reading →

How to Manually Adjust XMind Node Placement

I’ve been using XMind and getting familiar with how to use and modify its visually pleasing presentation. The biggest frustration I’ve had so far is trying to manually move and place sub-nodes on the map. Others have experienced this problem… Continue Reading →

Fedora 12 USB Headset Volume Too Low

About a month ago I was out of town and went to make a phone call using Twinkle and my Logitech USB headset.  The volume was so faint I could barely hear the person on the other end. A few… Continue Reading →

Protecting Files and Directories With encfs

Sparks had an interesting post about Thunderbird email security. This reminded me of another technique I like which is to run Thunderbird and Firefox from an encrypted directory.  In addition to encrypting the data, Thunderbird and Firefox won’t start without… Continue Reading →

Gnome Desktop Full of Files & Directories

Have you ever had the Gnome desktop suddenly show every folder and file in your home directory? Have you ever nuked the ~/Desktop directory (intentionally or not) and wondered later why all of the files and folders in your home… Continue Reading →

Fixing Networked Cloned Guests

I’ve been running very minimal server installs under KVM to experiment with different web services.  As a result I rely on /etc/init.d/network to handle networking.  After cloning a guest in virt-manager on Fedora 12, networking does not work on the… Continue Reading →

Is Collaboration Overrated?

This quote struck me from an interesting article called World Wide Mush by Jaron Lanier in the Wall Street Journal: Here’s one problem with digital collectivism: We shouldn’t want the whole world to take on the quality of having been… Continue Reading →

Fedora 11 GA & Retrospective

Fedora 11 is released tomorrow, June 9, 2009, and you can get it at On Friday I announced an upcoming retrospecitve for Fedora 11, happening on June 16, 2009.  I’m hoping this gathering will be a collaborative brainstorming meeting… Continue Reading →

OS Bridge Call For Papers Extended

Not only has the call for papers been extended, so has the early bird rate of $175 (approximately $1,000 less than OSCON). Here is a fun graph we can all relate to that shows paper submissions over time with the… Continue Reading →

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