I’ve been a big fan of python bugzilla for a long time and used it often in Fedora to gather bugs for the release blocker meetings.  If you aren’t familiar with python bugzilla, it is a very useful library and command line utility that talks to the Fedora and Red Hat Bugzilla instance–a defect (bug) tracking system.

I tried to use it yesterday with Fedora 15, but it didn’t return any bugs.  James Laska pointed me at some unreleased patches and the commands to make it work again.  It doesn’t appear that any updates have been made to this package since August 2010, so hopefully a new release is on the way.

Here are the steps I followed:


$ git clone  git://git.fedorahosted.org/python-bugzilla.git python-bugzilla.git
$ cd python-bugzilla.git
$ curl "https://fedorahosted.org/python-bugzilla/attachment/ticket/32/0001-Fix-for-ticket-32.patch?format=raw" > /tmp/ticket32.patch
$ git am /tmp/ticket32.patch


Now, run the patched version from your git directory:


$ ./bin/bugzilla


Good examples for using python-bugzilla are provided in the Fedora Blocker Meeting SOP.