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Running the Latest Thunderbird on RHEL 6

Today I ran into a strange problem where messages seemed to be missing from my Inbox. Running “repair folder” from the properties tab automatically moved several messages to the trash. Moving them back to the inbox and repeating the process… Continue Reading →

Resuming Corrupted Suspended Guests

My recent post on fixing terminator was months in the making, partly because I lost the environment I was using to double-check all the steps and partly because other things just kept coming up.  Several months back when I found the original fix… Continue Reading →

Bringing the Cursor Back to Terminator

In my switch from Fedora to Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) one of the things I lost was Terminator.  Even though it was in EPEL and installed without issue, the cursor wasn’t visible, making it hard to use.  For a… Continue Reading →

OpenShift rhc Servname not supported for ai_socktype

I came across an interesting situation yesterday with OpenShift Express.  I was trying to register a new domain using rhc-create-app  and received this cryptic error message: There was a problem communicating with the server. Response message: getaddrinfo: Servname not supported for… Continue Reading →

Making Python Bugzilla Work

I’ve been a big fan of python bugzilla for a long time and used it often in Fedora to gather bugs for the release blocker meetings.  If you aren’t familiar with python bugzilla, it is a very useful library and… Continue Reading →

Running Elluminate Live! on RHEL 6

I’m continuing to run RHEL 6 on my laptop and encountered a recent challenge getting a Java based collaboration tool called Elluminate Live! (now known as Blackboard Collaborate) to run on it.  The necessary package is installed by default in… Continue Reading →


With less time to live on the edge in Fedora-land these days I went looking for less excitement by way of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 for my Dell XPS M1330 laptop.  I was motivated to take a step back… Continue Reading →

Mind Mapping With VUE

While searching for a solution to a problem with XMind, I came across this forum post mentioning VUE. I haven’t spent very much time with VUE, but it appears to be a very robust and full featured mind mapping tool. … Continue Reading →

How to Manually Adjust XMind Node Placement

I’ve been using XMind and getting familiar with how to use and modify its visually pleasing presentation. The biggest frustration I’ve had so far is trying to manually move and place sub-nodes on the map. Others have experienced this problem… Continue Reading →

Mind Mapping With XMind

I’ve been dabbling in mind mapping programs again.  In the past year several new mind mapping tools have appeared.  XMind recently caught my fancy.  XMind is eclipse based and is more polished and professional looking compared to Freemind.  I’ve been… Continue Reading →

Respecting Time and Attention

I love the beauty and rebound affect of sharing information.  I posted about Merlin Mann’s talk at Rutgers and James remind me that I had given him the idea of keeping separate question lists for different people a long time… Continue Reading →

Protecting Files and Directories With encfs

Sparks had an interesting post about Thunderbird email security. This reminded me of another technique I like which is to run Thunderbird and Firefox from an encrypted directory.  In addition to encrypting the data, Thunderbird and Firefox won’t start without… Continue Reading →

Importing Mailing List Archives to Thunderbird

Have you ever subscribed to a new mailing list and wanted to read all the old posts in your email reader?  Here’s how to do it.  We will use the Fedora Development list mail archive for January 2010 as an… Continue Reading →

Rescuing Lost Web Form Input

One of my favorite, must-have Firefox plug-ins is It’s All Text.  Not only does it make writing long entries in web forms pleasant, it can also save your bacon.  Just today I wrote a long email in Gmail using It’s… Continue Reading →

Inconsolata: A Great Fixed Width Font

The Fedora Project’s in person events are great for picking up new applications and tips from other people.   I love it when little surprises come along that make the desktop experience more pleasant.  Discovering Terminator was the last time this… Continue Reading →

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