Have you ever had the Gnome desktop suddenly show every folder and file in your home directory? Have you ever nuked the ~/Desktop directory (intentionally or not) and wondered later why all of the files and folders in your home directory show up on the Desktop?

This has happened several times to me and I finally figured out what was causing it.  It turns out that the ~/Desktop directory is the important connection.  If you remove it, intentionally or otherwise, be prepared for everything in the first level of your home directory to show up on your desktop.  Recreating ~/Desktop does not fix it.

Compliments of the Ubuntu forums I found the solution:

1) Open ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs with a text editor

2) Make sure this line reads as follows: XDG_DESKTOP_DIR="$HOME/Desktop"

Maybe someone else has the solution to this problem: why are 95% of the solutions I find for Fedora in the Ubuntu forums and how can we fix that?