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Stop Firefox From Stealing Focus

When Ubuntu 10.4 was released I used it as my primary desktop for a week before alternating between it and Fedora.  The polish and finish of the desktop experience is subtle in some places and  noticeable in others–with the exception of the… Continue Reading →

Gnome Desktop Full of Files & Directories

Have you ever had the Gnome desktop suddenly show every folder and file in your home directory? Have you ever nuked the ~/Desktop directory (intentionally or not) and wondered later why all of the files and folders in your home… Continue Reading →

Credit to Ubuntu

This report is impressive… receiving 7,872 new reports and resolving 7,802 bug reports in a single month while continuing to hold a backlog of 46,000 open bugs!  This says two things to me… they have a process for triaging and… Continue Reading →

Fedora vs. Ubuntu and Target Audience

Mike Mcgrath started an important topic on fedora-adivsory-board-list here and one that I have been thinking about for a long time… “Who is our Target Audience?” Some of the follow ups are thought provoking and honest–in particular, Bill Nottingham here…. Continue Reading →

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