All of the features are complete for Fedora 9. Thanks to all the feature owners and package maintainers for making all of the new features and innovations happen in Fedora 9!

The final feature list is here:

All in all a smoother feature process compared to the original launch of the feature process for Fedora 8. Like the Fedora 8 process I still think there is room for streamlining the process by finding better ways to track new features and status efficiently. I’m also not sure how much longer manually managing the feature pages with the wiki will work.

Fedora 9 is presently scheduled (subject to change) for general availability on Tuesday, May 13, 2008. The release schedule is here and links to obtain the release are on the front page at

If you want a sneak peak at Fedora 9, the Preview Release is available via bittorrent here. The final release will also be available in this location.