Are You an Owner?

My mission in life is to bring order to chaos and clarity to confusion so that owners can effectively live their truth and thrive.  My mission statement hinges on the concept of ownership.  If you’re fully owning your choices and your life and yet you still feel stuck or aren’t as productive as you want to be, coaching is a great tool.

Order and Clarity Matter

The primary focus of my coaching is helping people be more productive and take action in their lives.  Often this starts with getting really clear about who they are, what they really want, and together, figuring out productive strategies to get there.

If your life is fully of chaos, reaching your full potential achieving what you really want is going to be really difficult.  We’ll work together to bring order to that chaos and get you unstuck so you can make progress and achieve the things you really want.

Action Matters Too

In addition to getting clear about what you want and need more of in your life the chances of it having a lasting impact are pretty low unless you do something.  Co-active coaching, the model I have trained under and am certified in, creates a unique balance between “knowledge” or “being” and “action.”  You can have the biggest epiphany about your life or obtain the most valuable knowledge, but unless you do something with it, it’s simply that.  In our work together we’ll also create ways for you to take action and break through those things have previously held you back.

Free 31 Minute Mini-session

Let’s solve a simple problem together.

All you need is a situation or a problem in your life you’d like to make better. We’ll talk about it and discover new possibilities and solutions to take action and move you forward.

If you’re wondering if coaching is right for you this is a great way to get started. We’ll meet on the telephone to get clarity on your situation, figure out solutions that are best for you and help you take immediate action.  There’s no charge or future obligation for this session.

As part of the mini-session there is:

  • No charge.
  • No obligation.
  • No guilt trip about doing more coaching.

And, if you find our first session valuable and want to continue, we can set up an affordable, monthly paid arrangement too.

Let’s Do This

Send me an email and let’s set a time to meet.

Get help from John Poelstra

Other Areas I Help People In

In addition to personal and professional coaching I also help people in two areas I’m very passionate about.  A bulk of my professional career has focused on managing projects and facilitating meetings. This experience has given me the opportunity to hone these skills in a variety of environments.  The underlying foundation of both of these areas is finding new and creative ways to maximize your productivity.

  • Project Management
    • You have a project that you need help managing or getting back on track.
    • I’ll manage the project for you or coach you through the process of being a more effective project manager.
  • Meeting facilitation
    • You want to have better meetings that are a valuable use of time and satisfying to the attendees.
    • I’ll facilitate your meetings or teach you my proven techniques in the context of your own environment

Why is John Qualified to be Your Coach?

In addition to more than 25 years of professional experience working with people and organizations, John is a “Certified Professional Co-active Coach” through CTI (the Coaches Training Institute). CTI is recognized as the most rigorous coach training and certification program in the industry.

Learn more about my background.