Yesterday afternoon I posted to fedora-test-list about an opportunity to help triage bugs which had been in NEEDINFO for more than 30 days.  At the time of my posting there were approximately 175 Fedora 7 bugs in NEEDINFO…. today, hardly 12 hours later, there are only 25!!!

Thanks to everyone that got involved.  As I pointed out in the follow on post, hopefully we can do more targeted events like this in the future to make it easier for people to get involved. We are also looking into some better ways to identify and recognize all the people who help.  If you have any experience with bugzilla reporting or a desire to help the BugZappers in this way, please contact me directly 🙂

In fact if you want an easy way to watch new Fedora bugs being filed and triage them from there–always greatly appreciated–add the desired RSS feed to your favorite RSS reader and scan the summaries for bugs you feel comfortable triaging.  Or if you’re curious like me, open them all, and chances are you’ll learn something new about a package you didn’t know before.