Lisa DiMatteo joins me to revisit our previous conversation (Being, Doing & Enoughness) while consciously exploring new things we thought might be uncomfortable and weren’t.


This conversation came about as a result of two things. First was feeling that we played it too safe in our first conversation. Second was misunderstanding Lisa’s reaction to a podcast I shared with her. That podcast was a conversation between Jerry Colonna and Tim Ferriss about Jerry’s two month sabbatical each year.


I encourage you to listen to this conversation from a place of awareness of what it says about you or what it brings up for you. In other words, don’t listen from a place of trying understand John better, use it to understand yourself better.

Prompts to consider as you listen to this episode

  • How is this like me?
  • What’s uncomfortable for me to talk about?
  • What are the places I don’t want to go?
  • What are those things that I can’t be with?



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