Seth Vore shares about his local boat tour company, being debt free, retirement and the year-long adventure his family is looking forward to next year on a boat.

Conversation Highlights

  • You never know how following your inklings can inform you–I would have never met Seth a couple of years ago if I hadn’t gone to a podcasting conference several years before that
  • Stephen Warley
  • Seth’s background as a chemical engineer and how he got into wooden boats
  • How an unfortunate accident with his first wooden boat yielded and even better boat
  • Willamette River downtown Portland
  • The appeal and experience of old wooden boats
  • The magical peacefulness that comes from being on water
  • Woodworking in Seth’s background and his enjoyment of working with his hands
  • The sailboat Seth bought off of Craigslist in college and learning to sail it with his wife (their marriage surived)
  • Navigating and leaping into the unknown
  • How Seth and his family got “debt free” fifteen years ago and were on the Dave Ramsey Show
  • All the benefits Seth’s family has experienced from being debt free
  • Experiencing Stage 4 cancer and how it changed Seth and what he wanted for his future
  • The Great Loop is a 6,000 mile, year-long boating trip Seth and his family are going on
  • “You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time and you can’t buy yourself better health”
  • Seth & his wife spend each Friday nights on YouTube recording their conversation as they look for a boat
  • The FIRE movement–Financially Independent Retire Early
  • The myths around why you “need a job”
  • Getting health insurance if you don’t work for an employer or “retire early”

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