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Summer 2018 Learnings (62)

Summer 2018 was a busy time with lots of trips, continuous learning and new ways to grow.

Getting to Know Kathy Jorsch (61)

Enjoy this wide ranging conversation with author, singer, business owner and entrepreneur, Kathy Jorsch.

Setting a Present and Future Focus (60)

It’s easy to get stuck in the past, and yet there’s not much it gives us. Here’s an encouragement to live in the present and look to the future.

Better Ways of Learning with Dave Stuart Jr (59)

This conversation explores teaching, experiential learning, leadership and so much more with Dave Stuart Jr. These 6 Things: How to Focus Your Teaching on What Matters Most is his latest book.

No Excuses (58)

This short riff considers what it might look like to live a life of “no excuses.” It was inspired by a story about Navy SEAL training combined my list of beliefs which center around personal ownership.

Manifesting with Nancy Jamieson (57)

Nancy Jamieson and I explore her interest in podcasting by sitting down to record an episode. We talk about her experiences how she believes life works.

Figuring Out What You Want with Tina Robinson (56)

Tina Robinson is back to delve into the often murky topic of figuring out what we want. Together we share some ways to get clearer.

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable (55)

Over the past couple of months I’ve been learning by doing, living more from my heart than my head, and learning to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Next month I’m teaching an in-person class on how to create a podcast in Portland, Oregon, and I hope you’ll join me.

Each Day Counts with Greg DeKoenigsberg (54)

Long time Red Hat colleague Greg DeKoenigsberg and I talk about managing our time–how we get off track and how we fight against letting it happen.

Follow Your Inklings & Capture Your Beliefs (53)

In this episode I share the experience of following an inkling I had and the ways I was rewarded. I also share a simple process for capturing your beliefs.

Understanding ADHD with Ryan McRae (52)

Ryan McRae helps adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) live more effectively. Ryan explains how ADHD affects his life, how he deals with it, and the benefits he’s found from having it. He also explains how he helps people live above it.

Email is Overrated (51)

Join me in this riff about email handling and getting your important work into the world.

How to Break Up with the Unhelpful Parts of Your Brain (50)

In this episode I read a letter I wrote to myself encouraging me to keep showing up while calling out the things I to need stop doing. I encourage you to write your own Dear John letter and break up with the unhelpful parts of your brain and share it with me.

Is Coping a Cop-out? Guest Tina Robinson (49)

John and Tina Robinson, CEO of WorkJoy, LLC, explore the notion of “coping” and nuances of what it means as it relates to handling situations or problems in our lives. Sign-up to join John at a virtual live event to discuss this topic more and be coached around something you’re coping with.

Practical Password Security with Josh Bressers (48)

Enjoy this conversation with Josh Bressers, product security at Elastic and former colleague at Red Hat. Josh answers my questions about password management, general computer security and what matters (or doesn’t) in today’s predominantly online world.

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