If you want to run the Windows 8 Beta on RHEL 6 you need the `virtio-win` package installed.  You can get it by subscribing to the “Supplementary” RHN channel.

Silly me.  I thought I could just download the Windows 8 Beta and install it on a virtual machine with RHEL 6.  Instead I kept getting an error message about a missing DVD driver.  Since I wasn’t sure if this was a Windows problem or a `virt-manager` problem I filed bug #809160.  From that I learned about virtio-win.

Windows 8 DVD driver error picture

Windows 8 DVD driver error

Install `virtio-win` and restart  `virt-manager` and everything should work as expected.  Note, you must be subscribed to the `supplementary` RHN channel where this package is located.

$ su -c 'yum install virtio-win'

If you think trying to find the power off button on Gnome3 is frustrating, Windows 8 takes things to new unintuitive heights.

I believe that you need similar packages for Fedora, though I am not sure if they are provided by yum or what you have to do.  Has anyone installed the Windows 8 Beta on Fedora and if so, did you have to do anything special with `virt-manager` to make it work?