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102: Questioning Your Answers

I’m back in another conversation with Brad Solomon where we get into the mechanics of effective coaching.

101: What Do You Really Want?

Brad Solomon and I continue our reflections and riffs about what’s present to us. This time it’s about being present, journaling, and the power (and difficulty) of getting clear about what you want.

100: Your Four-Year-Old Self

Brad Solomon and I set off on another unplanned exploration into what’s present to us in the moment, including sharing childhood pictures of ourselves.

98: Full Catastrophe Living and a Shelf Full of Books

Brad Solomon and I talk about all the books we’ve started and not finished, what the full catastrophe of life is and how implementing what you know is more powerful than continuing to acquire more knowledge.

97: CHOOSING in an “I Don’t Know” World

Brad Solomon and I explore the power of choosing, experiments, discipline, habits and what we are making of the time that is COVID-19.

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