Tina Robinson is back to delve into the often murky topic of figuring out what we want. Together we share some ways to get clearer.


Discussion Notes

  • Money is often an immediate answer and yet it doesn’t truly describe what we want
    • Ask yourself what you believe money will give you as a way to push things deeper
    • What does money represent to you?
      • Freedom
      • Security
      • Safety
      • The ability to play
      • Take care of others and be of service
      • Something else
  • Tina’s Trader Joe’s Meltdown Moment
  • The tension of listing out all the things you don’t want
    • You may get more of those things you don’t want
    • You might be doing that to avoid the harder question of getting really clear about what you DO want
  • Do you tell yourself you are not allowed to have certain things?
  • What or How instead of Why
  • Writing without constraints or filters is the fastest way to get in touch with what’s going inside you
  • The importance of making lists and building a muscle around it via James Altucher
  • Strengthening the muscle of “What I want”
  • Practice honoring your intuition
  • Listening the way our bodies inform us
  • Listening to your “heart” vs. your “head”
  • Manifesting

Here are a few ways ways to figure out what you want

  1. Make a wild list of things… free write!
  2. Imagine what success looks like in a particular situation (instead of dwelling on all the things that aren’t working)
  3. Create a matrix with the left column listing skills that you are good at and across the top each, your professional experiences for the past 5-10 years)
    1. Match them up… when were you happiest?
    2. Look for roles where you were using the most of your strengths
    3. How were you feeling? what made you feel that way? leads to “What I want is to be able to use these _____ skills more.”
  4. What did you like to do when you were 12 years old? Look for ways to weave those things into your work–you probably still love them
  5. Getting clear on what you want makes it easier to weave those things into your annual goals or personal development plans at work
  6. John’s best career advancements happened when he was really really clear about what he wanted to do next
    1. He looked for ways to those things
    2. Instead of looking for what was available and deciding if I was a fit
  7. Are you struggling to identify what you want because you are afraid you might get it (fear of success)?
  8. Kids are extremely clear about what they want.. what would it look like to approach what you want from a child’s perspective?
  9. Do the 5 whats/whys exercise (wikipedia)
  10. Go for a walk with a voice recorder and just talk out about the things that pop into your mind or the things you see

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