Summer 2018 was a busy time with lots of trips, continuous learning and new ways to grow.

Highlights & Links

  • The importance of systems to maintain consistency
  • No Excuses
  • My process for creating solo episodes
    • Always keep the recording running and fix it later
  • “John, how are you going to fix this process in the future so that these monthly recaps really happen?”
    • Repeating cards in Trello
    • What’s my “why”?
    • What values am I honoring?
  • Attending Conferences
  • Creating an unbreakable chain of daily habits
  • Teaching PUGS Podcasting Jumpstart Course
  • Pursuing additional coaching opportunities at Red Hat
    • Presenting to my previous team
    • Pushing the envelope
    • Getting positive and negative feedback
  • Building a business and expanding your reach will likely result in doing things that some people don’t like
    • Are you really trying hard enough if everyone likes your stuff?
    • Fully putting yourself out there has a higher chance of connecting with people and getting negative feedback
  • Being out the lookout for and knowing the signs of when you need to push through or take a break
  • Response rates are slower in the summer


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