John and Alene Gabriel talk about how to manage our inner critics and the benefits of having your own board of advisors.


Identifying Your Inner Critics or Gremlins

What are typical things your inner critic says to you? This is that voice that talks you out of certain things and encourages you to play it safe and maintain the status quo. It may be a critical voice or mantra you repeat to yourself that stops you from taking action or committing 100%.

Creating Your Own Board of Advisors

If you could have a group of people from anywhere in the world (living or dead) to act as a board of trusted advisors for your life, who would they be?

Consider capturing your board of advisors in the form of collage:

1) Search Google Images, stock photo sites or magazine for images that represent your members

2) Good places to search

3) Give each image a label summarizing the role it represents

4) Create a collage of the images

5) Save your collage in a format that is easily accessible

  • Wallpaper on your computer
  • Hang it on wall near where you work
  • Save it to Dropbox so you can access it from a mobile devices

6) Implement a daily practice that helps you to check in with your board of advisors on a regular basis.

You may also want to do a similar exercise to capture and call out your inner critics.

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