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74: Creating an Unbroken Chain of Gratitude with Kate Dixon

Kate Dixon and John explore Kate’s discovery of gratitude journaling, all the benefits it has provided, and the impact it’s had on John.

Summer 2018 Learnings (62)

Summer 2018 was a busy time with lots of trips, continuous learning and new ways to grow.

Getting to Know Kathy Jorsch (61)

Enjoy this wide ranging conversation with author, singer, business owner and entrepreneur, Kathy Jorsch.

Morning Questions

In the post about my Evening Routine I shared the questions I ask myself as I wrap up the day and do some quick journaling. Along the way the evening questions inspired the idea of questions for my Morning Routine… Continue Reading →

Evening Routine

Yesterday I shared that my daily routine that begins with The Morning Miracle. Today I wanted to go into more depth about my evening routine. It’s not as well established as my morning routine and subject to more unpredictability and… Continue Reading →

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