As a follow-up to a previous post titled What is Rawhide For? we had a great discussion at FUDCon Boston during the Friday afternoon hackfest.  Admittedly we didn’t hack on any code, though Seth Vidal wrote some based on one of the proposed solutions in less than an hour!

Jesse Keating acted as the facilitator and did a fantastic job helping to keep the conversation focused on brainstorming and understanding each other’s ideas versus summarily dismissing new suggestions as not being feasible.  I saw this same approach work extremely well in the post-mortem of Fedora 9 too.  To me this is the essence of great collaboration and arriving at innovative ideas we might not have otherwise.  I really believe being able to meet in person played a big part too.

We met for a couple of hours and the results from our conversation are here This is one of the obvious benefits of having live events like this!