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Fedora Talk Powers NFR's Success

We had what I’m calling a min-Fedora Activity Day today for No Frozen Rawhide (NFR).  As announced earlier this week, a few of us met on Fedora Talk and Gobby (two of my favorite Fedora collaboration tools!) to make sure… Continue Reading →

Fast Spaceless Backups

The title is slightly misleading, but it is true as long as the original source does not change.  I’ve also made a copy of an entire rawhide tree (~13G) in less than five seconds. I’ve been syncing rawhide trees at… Continue Reading →

Reducing Rawhide Reflux

As a follow-up to a previous post titled What is Rawhide For? we had a great discussion at FUDCon Boston during the Friday afternoon hackfest.  Admittedly we didn’t hack on any code, though Seth Vidal wrote some based on one… Continue Reading →

What is Rawhide For?

Rawhide serves several purposes in Fedora and yet I don’t think we clearly delineate what they are.  It is often said in Fedoraland that the best way to test the Fedora is to “run rawhide.”  There is a difference between… Continue Reading →

Which Rawhide

Since starting the daily dose of rawhide I am gradually becoming more acquainted with the ins and outs of rawhide. A particular day or release of rawhide only exists for a twenty-four hour period–longer if something goes wrong with the… Continue Reading →

Rawhide Today

For the past few weeks I’ve taken up a new experiment–attempting to install rawhide every day. Rawhide is unique in that it is a daily development snapshot that only exists publicly for one day.  If you have disc space, naturally… Continue Reading →

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