For some reason Fedora 14 feels like it is coming too soon and yet the calendar says it is true.  Here are a few reminders about some important upcoming dates:

  • Two weeks from today, July 13, 2010, is the Feature Submission Deadline.  After that date any new feature submissions are targeted for Fedora 15.
  • Four weeks from today, July 27, 2010, is Feature Freeze.  At that date all features are expected to be significantly complete so that initial testing can begin during the Fedora 14 Alpha Release.
  • Four weeks from today, July 27, 2010, Fedora 14 branches from Rawhide.  After that Fedora 14 will have its own tree and Rawhide will continue on.  In time, Fedora 15 and subsequent releases will branch from Rawhide as well.