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Congratulations on Fedora 14

Well, we did it!  We released Fedora 14 on schedule after one adjustment for the Fedora 14 Alpha.  Want to know how?  All the gory details are on the Fedora 14 retrospective page. Think we can make Fedora 15 even… Continue Reading →

Fedora 14 Kerberos Error Message

If you use kerberos for authentication and you’ve recently moved to Fedora 14, you may encounter this error while requesting a ticket with kinit: kinit: KDC has no support for encryption type while getting initial credentials The bug report suggests… Continue Reading →

Fedora 14 Nears The Finish Line

It has been quite a journey and we’re almost to the finish line.  After shipping the Fedora 14 Alpha a week late because of too many big changes at the last-minute, we released the Fedora 14 Beta on time.  We’re… Continue Reading →

Fedora 14 Final Release Game Plan

Approximately one month from today (November 2, 2010 at 10 AM EDT), the final release of Fedora 14 will be made available to the world.  And when it is, you can get it at We still have an opportunity… Continue Reading →

Fedora 14 Beta End Game

Updated September 28, 2010: The beta is available. One week from today, September 14, 2010, we reach Feature Complete for Fedora 14.  It also signals the start of preparations for the Beta release. Here’s how things will roll from here… Continue Reading →

Shipping Fedora 14 One Week Late Is A Feature

People continue to tell they are sorry my dream of an on-time Fedora release could not be met for Fedora 14.  I appreciate their concern, but I don’t take things like this personally.  The reality is it was something I… Continue Reading →

Shipping on Time is a Feature For Fedora 14

I’m throwing down a challenge for Fedora 14–we ship all three releases: Alpha, Beta, and Final on time.  I’m not advocating cutting any corners or lowering our standards.  I expect them to remain the same.  What I would like to… Continue Reading →

One More Month of Fedora 14 Development

For some reason Fedora 14 feels like it is coming too soon and yet the calendar says it is true.  Here are a few reminders about some important upcoming dates: Two weeks from today, July 13, 2010, is the Feature… Continue Reading →

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