Show up every day
A project I’ve been following since Tiny Startup Camp is They have a podcast I highly recommend and just the other day I saw this good post about “showing up.”

It’s made all the difference in my work out program with You Are Your Own Gym. A lot of days I don’t feel like doing the work outs and yet I remind myself, “All I have to do is just show up and do the routine it says to.” I’ve been at it for almost twelve months now (not counting the month or so I took off because of an injury) and the benefits are becoming more and more pronounced–mainly reducing the size of the “banker’s belly” (too many deposits and not enough withdrawls).

There is so much to be said for “just showing up” because it is so easy not to.

“Everything changes when we stop thinking about how to get ahead or skip steps, and focus instead on building consistent, repetitive creative habits.”

There’s also a good quote from Jerry Seinfeld which I heard in a good interview over on Here’s the Thing with Alec Baldwin.  Everyone talks about how what a good podcast Here’s the Thing is, and it is.  Alec is hilarious and goofs around with the guests and is very curious interviewer.