Seeing “regards” as the close to an email or letter bugs me.  Iit doesn’t make any sense and we wouldn’t say it in regular conversation as some kind of good bye. Some of my other despised favorites: “kind regards” or “warm regards.”

I wouldn’t say “regards” in any form to anyone in parting and no one ever says it to me. So why do people write it to each other?

Regards strikes me as cold, distant, and unfeeling and it isn’t easily changed with a modifier like “warm” or “kind.”

If you’re going to close with “regards” just don’t have a close and end with your name. It’s better to have nothing. Regards is a throw away phrase.

You don’t have to have a close. Only include one if you really mean it, not because you feel like you have to.  Otherwise it’s awkward for everyone involved.

A good article in Slate called You Say “Best.” I Say No. It’s time to kill the email signoff, agrees.