After watching Arthur Boorman’s inspiring video I came across the Bar Brothers (above) when YouTube tantalized me with something else to watch.  I was amazed at their journey and what they could do.  It inspired me to think,

What if I was in shape like that?

At first I dismissed it as impossible and then I realized if I didn’t do anything that would definitely be true.  On other the other hand I could try. Then the voices crept in, “Yeah, but look how old you are already, it’s probably too late for you.”

And then I thought about Arthur.  If he could put in the time and transform himself into doing upside down pushups surely I could get in shape a little.

The encouraging part was that I’d already heard of a unique program that might work for me on Chris Brogan’s excellent Human Business Way podcast.  Chris interviewed Mark Lauren, author of the book You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren (affiliate link) so a seed was planted.

You Are Your Own Gym Amazon Affiliate Link

More on my experiences with You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren (affiliate link) in a future post.  And yes, one of these days I plan to be able to do one-arm pushups and if you meet me in person you can ask me to do one.

What are your fitness goals or dreams?