Vinod Jain works as a technology and management consultant in Northern Virginia. In this conversation we explore how get got to where he is today and the personal journey he is on.

Conversation Highlights

  • Bigger Game Live put on by Rick Tamlyn
  • Being a “creator” instead of a “consumer”
  • “Express and receive”
  • The pros/cons of enthusiastic optimism
  • We all have the potential for a great future in our lives
  • Look around and see what you can harness in your surroundings
  • There’s tremendous learning we can have in difficulties, challenges and obstacles
  • Being influenced by what we don’t have
  • Vinod’s attraction to becoming a coach
  • Being aware of and managing the inner critic
  • Ego as an obstacle to our growth
  • Vinod’s connection to Jainism
  • Be aware of your energy levels and how to generate joy
  • Meditation and Journaling
  • Self-time and time in nature
  • Books Mentioned
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