Well it hasn’t been the FUDCon I planned.  For the first time ever I got sick on a work related trip.  Very strange for me because I rarely get sick.  I’m hoping it is a 24 hour thing that will be behind me tomorrow, but it was a drag to miss FUDPub, the afternoon barcamp sessions, and Paul Frields’ keynote.

The good news is that I did get in on Thursday in time for a fun dinner with a bunch of people and a full day of talking to people and collaborating on different things at Friday’s hackfest.  Note-able items included trying to get to a better place with the custom spins process and what my role is as feature wrangler.  I also sat down to document the some details of the feature process Jon Stanley plans to follow as it relates to testing features.

Tonight while resting up I came across an interesting article and accompanying broadcast about what we typically call “Poisonous People”, but which the researcher refers to as “Bad Apples”.  The interesting thing to me was the discovery of how much one person can bring a group down and the true value of asking questions and seeking to understand what someone else thinks–something I continue to hope we can do more of in Fedora.