About a month ago I was out of town and went to make a phone call using Twinkle and my Logitech USB headset.  The volume was so faint I could barely hear the person on the other end.

A few weeks before it had worked just fine.  Somewhere in the usual torrent of Fedora updates something changed (regressed).  The fantastic Paul Frields solved the problem for me over the phone yesterday.

Somehow the Alsa volume setting for my USB headset changed to zero.  The steps to fix it are very similiar to the problem I had on Fedora 11. Here are the steps to fix the current scenario:

1) Plug in USB headset

2) Run alsamixer from a command line

3) Hit <F6> to find and select the USB headset device

4) Use the up and down arrow keys to adjust the volume

I haven’t played around with this enough yet to notice, but according to Paul he has to manually reset the volume using alsamixer every time the USB headset is plugged in again.