I’m looking for a new LCD wide screen monitor in the 22″ range.  Contrary to the current industry trend, the biggest monitor possible is not what I’m looking for.  More real estate for distractions is not really what I need. The most important features to me are:

  • vertical/height adjustment
  • VGA and DVI input
  • ability to switch between VGA and DVI by pressing a button (not having to delve into monitor menu each time)
  • ~$300 USD
  • a reasonable warranty
  • I don’t care about USB connections on the monitor

I’m also tired of my stock Dell keyboard.  Since I spend so much time at the keyboard every day I think it is time for something better. Here is what I’m looking for:

  • I like the feel of regular formed keyboard keys and the responsiveness of a good laptop keyboard
  • not interested in the IBM clickity-clack thing
  • ~$50 USD (realizing this could be completely unreasonable)
  • PS/2 connection (so I can connect to legacy KVM and existing older boxes)

I’ve done a fair amount of searching about but there are so many choices and so many reviews, but so far nothing that looks like a good fit.

Any recommendations (manufacturer and model number) or links out there based on your experiences or what you have?  If so, I’d love to get your comments.