Since reading Dreaming in Code by Scott Rosenberg I have been following the Chandler Project. I highly recommend the book as a great overview to the history and methods of software development. It is also a first hand account of the ups and downs of a real software project that many software folks will relate to–often with a grimace and sense of familiarity. I particularly liked Rosenberg’s style of writing. It has a nice readable flow, punctuated with poignant injections of humor, irony and insight.

It was really cool to see a recent blog by the Chandler project on Open Services which indirectly touched on several aspects of the Fedora Project. The author referenced Luis Villa and the Online Desktop (to be included in Fedora 8). Reading the post I could not help but realize that the Fedora project is also clearly an open service.

With Fedora not only is the code being developed or integrated open, but so is the code to the entire infrastructure used to create and distribute that code