Well, we did it!  We released Fedora 14 on schedule after one adjustment for the Fedora 14 Alpha.  Want to know how?  All the gory details are on the Fedora 14 retrospective page.

Think we can make Fedora 15 even better and don’t see your idea or observation on the retrospective page?  Please add it now.  We’re already moving forward with Fedora 15 and the overall schedule is close to being finalized.  The next step will be to work with each team to tune and adjust their individual schedules.

Thank you again to all the people and teams that made Fedora 14 a success.  I never knew a “Go/No-Go Meeting” could feel as good as the one that declared Fedora 14 gold.  This was the smoothest end to a release cycle that I can recall.  There’s still one more mountain to climb for Fedora 15 and that is my original feature for Fedora 14.  It’s totally in our grasp to do it.  I’ll be rooting from the sidelines and helping as I’m able.

Image by greekadman via flickr used under a Creative Commons license.